Game Jams

The Global Game Jam took place in Colombia for the first time in 2015, as a video game enthusiast I’ve taken part in it every year since 2016.
All the games made at the game jam are the result of a collaborative effort with talented individuals, check them out here:

Hold In (GGJ 2024):
For this game I was in charge of all programming and SFX. Implementing design patterns to simplify game editing and modification. In addition to implementing a tool (Audio Editor) to load and edit music tracks from the editor.
Hold In is a casual game for PC, Mac and Web.

Crater (GGJ 2021):
For this project I was in charge of all the code and programming (movement, interaction and other behavior of enemies and the player) and some SFX.
Crater is a platformer PC game.

Almighty (GGJ 2020):
For this game I coded the interaction management, mobile gestures, integrated the art and audio assets to the game.
Almighty is a mobile game for Android.

After Party (GGJ 2019):
This year I was mostly in charge of the player interface, controller connection, UI behaviour, asset implementation and gameplay polishing.
After Party is a 3D-Multiplayer game for PC.

NinjaTV (GGJ 2018):
For this game I coded the management, enemies and player behaviour systems, as well, as the implementation of the art and audio assets to the game.
NinjaTV is a 2D-Platform game for PC.

Prisma (GGJ 2017):
This game was made by a 3 people team, I was in charge of the game management, the characters behaviour and interface code and systems, as well as, the audio and art integration inside the game.
Prisma is a puzzle-platform game for PC.

Shaman Drums (GGJ 2016):
In this jam I developed the input and UI implementation and programming, I also wrote the code for the game state and management system.
Shaman drums is a rhythm game for Android devices. Weekly Game Jam

Traffic Match (WGJ 96):
I created this game solo in order to try the Pico8 software, develop my Lua language skills, practice pixel art and music design.