Professional Projects

Forest Grove:

Game developed by Miga Games and ported and published by Blowfish Studios. I was in charge of porting the game to PS4, PS5, XboxOne, XboxSeries and Steam for this game. Configuring the game’s achievements, cloud saving and optimising the game to be compatible with previous-gen consoles.

Four Letters:

PikPok developed this game and was updated by WizardFunFactory, for this game I helped with the new language support implementation, UI update and fixing some issues related to the plugins updates. Those changes were made to support both iOS and Android versions.

Rival Stars Basketball:

PikPok developed this game and was updated by WizardFunFactory. For this game, I helped in the localisation implementation, downloadable content, digital purchases and helping solve performance and implementation issues. I also modified some PikPok tools embedded in the game and developed new ones to support the team development process.

Fate Arena:

I worked on this game on the final phase of its development, helping with some assassins behaviour setup, modifying some characters skills and modifying the UI distribution.

Attack of the alien poyos:

It’s a “beat ’em up” type of game currently in development. As the game programmer, I’m in charge of all the game management systems, player interaction, enemies and environmental behaviour as well as the UI navigation for mobile and standalone devices.


This game was developed and aimed to run in low spec devices like the Raspberry Pi. I was in charge of the assets and resources optimization, the scripting of players’ behaviour and the stage management system.


In this freelance project, I was in charge of all the programming and asset integration. Using Blueprints and C++ I coded the user’s movement, UI interaction, VR controller, drag and drop system and the menu to change materials. This project was made using UnrealEngine4.


This is the homepage for BAM!Studios company. I was in charge of its development and its implementation on the AWS hosting services. The website is fully developed using HTML, CSS and JS; special libraries were also used to integrate puppet animation.


In this freelance project, I was in charge of the general game behaviour, player interaction and user input recognition. This game was developed to be executed on a Raspberry Pi and with a custom input interface where the player steps on the controls.


This is an educational software to learn new languages, for this project I developed the test and evaluation minigames, the positioning system and all the scripts required to monitor and control the user’s progress, as well as, the user’s data storage on LAMP servers using SQL and NoSQL structures.


In this project, I developed most of the platform and games, the UI interaction and server storage and communication. This is an educational platform that teaches and evaluate its content through minigames.


This is the first game developed at BAM!Studios, in this project I was in charge of all the programming development, ads system and basic animation implementation.


This is a framework to use as a virtual assistant. This project required the implementation of different peripherals like printers, ID readers and webcams of which I was in charge. I was also in charge of the modifications to the framework.


In this classic “matching” game I developed all the game behaviour and game management system, I was also in charge of integrating the spine animation and syncing the audio.